£30,000.00 -£50,000.00 University Loan Debts?

University or College Courses/Qualifications not providing the promised income?

Therefore, course(s) were likely mis-sold & the fees you paid are REFUNDABLE


All linked Student Loans will be cancelled!


Loans become unenforceable if linked to mis-sold University/College Course!


Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Further Education Colleges) known as HEIs are not adhering to consumer credit regulation! Students as Consumers and protected by EU and UK Consumer Credit Legislation.

Consumer Students can now reclaim course fees for mis-sold HEI courses. Many HEIs promised students enhanced earnings and careers as part of their sales techniques. The facts are, many Students are not enjoying any enhanced earnings or career progression from their degree courses and were mis-sold courses.

Apply for Your Free Review of your HEI’s conduct – Cancelled Student Loans – Move on free from lifelong student debt financial liabilities!

Background – With extreme competition to attract students growing HEIs have increasingly sought to assisted students with the funding of their courses. Many HEIs continue ignoring Consumer Credit Legislation and Government warnings they must operate correctly and to the required standards prescribed by the law. Mis-selling to Students Consumers is wrong and there is statutory protection for Student Consumers against mis-selling HEIs who also link their courses to Student Loans Company. Student Loans stemming from mis-sold HEI courses become irredeemably unenforceable against the borrowing student consumer.

Student Consumers are often young, lack understanding of the complexities of structured lifelong financial products and regarded as vulnerable customers of HEIs. HEls make added financial gains by allowing students to pay their course fees under credit (instalments) agreements or via their associated and commonly unregulated Student Loans Companies.

HEIs commonly refer Student Consumers or Prospective Students to expensive lenders to obtain funding to pay HEIs’ inflated £9,000.00 + course fees. A pure commercial gain for HEIs. Student Consumers being set up with unregulated student lending schemes remains, very wrong!

HEIs without the legal authorisations under the law promoting these financial products, commit offences under the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (FSMA). Since 2014, all such financial promotions and schemes became regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Just as in the PPI Scandals, the FCA will not make any awards directly to mis-sold Student Consumers, Applications for refunds have to be undertaken by the wronged individual, just as has been for PPI scandal victims.

www.ProjectSLC.org is the portal by which mis-sold Student Consumers Apply for a Free Review of HEIs mis-selling conduct.

Many of the settlements achieved to refund Student Consumers and cancel the linked student loans transactions will be confidential as wrongdoers will often make discrete settlements with non-disclosure agreements to avoid adverse publicity.

Apply for a Free Review today, it’s free?


We never ask for your Bank Details…

www.ProjectSLC.org requires ONLY basic information to establish if you are eligible for HEI Fees Refund and Cancellation of your Student Loans. We will never require or ask for your bank details. We send settlements for you by cheque.

Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Student Consumers who are commonly now Post Graduates are entitled to HEI Fee Refunds and the linked Student Loans Cancelled –  It takes less than a minute to complete our Application Form. Let us begin working for you to sort it out?


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) protects consumers, ensuring that financial markets work well, are honest and work with integrity.

The Student Loan Company was initially regulated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) until the FCA became the regulatory authority in 2014. The FCA only granted Interim Permission to the Student Loans Company. Their Permissions Lapsed or expired in 2015 after they were not granted any FCA Authorisations to lend money to consumers.

Student Consumers remain protected under FCA Regulations against any organisation not authorised to sell loans and against any organisations selling products such as HEI courses linked to unregulated lending.

Consumer protection is key when it comes to consumer credit. The FCA regulates the market and has been critical of the bad practices of organisations such as payday lenders to the excesses of the banking industry.

Student Consumers have clearly been mis-sold HEI courses linked to Student Loans. Just as in PPI mis-selling, Student Consumers MUST Apply for a Free Review of their HEIs conduct linking their sales to Student Loans.


We are, used to dealing with technical Consumer Credit issues, we have a legal and regulatory background. WE KNOW how to assist you to access your statutory rights.


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