Substantial debts after University or college if you are a graduate repaying your debts through the PAYE system, we believe that these are refundable.

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If you are an undergraduate, your loan may be unenforceable and have to be written off.
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If you are a graduate and have made payments through your PAYE scheme, those payments should be repaid to you plus interest.

As an undergraduate or graduate you are saddled with substantial debts following your time at university or college. Tuition fees also look likely to increase beyond £9,000 per annum. The government even sold part of the book of student debt at a knockdown price to commercial lenders. You face pressure like never before.

Whether you are in your first, final year or postgraduate study financed through the Student Loans Company, your loan is unenforceable.

If you are a graduate and have made payment through your PAYE scheme, those payments should be repaid to you plus interest.


We never ask for your Bank Details…

Project SLC requires ONLY basic information from you to establish if you are eligible for cancellation of your Student Loan. We will never require or ask for your bank details.

Our team is working on 100’s of applications from Students, Graduates and Post Graduates just like you. Take a minute to complete our Application Form. Let us see if we can have your student loan cancelled.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) protects consumers,  ensuring that financial markets work well, are honest and work with integrity. The FCA regulates over 56,000 firms.

The Student Loan Company was initially regulated by the Office of Fair Trading and had interim permission from the FCA, when the regulatory body changed in 2014. The FCA provided interim permission which lapsed on 30 June 2015. The SLC obtained an exemption through the Treasury in March 2015, from the need for authorisation under s19 Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA).

Although we do not know the motives behind this move, this removed a valuable protection in dealing with the public. However, this is only a partial exemption. We believe that SLC will still have to comply with FSMA as well as coming under the scrutiny of the Financial Ombudsman Service. We also believe that we can challenge not only the current style of loans but also loans going back before 1998.

Consumer protection is key when it comes to consumer credit. The FCA regulates the market and has been critical of bad practice, from payday lenders to the excesses of the banking industry.

Student loans are controversial, not only because of spiralling tuition fees and the sale of historic book debts to commercial enterprises but also because the loans are considered as part of a mortgage application according to the FCA, thus affecting your credit score.


WE are BORING people, used to dealing with technical issues, we have a legal and regulatory background. WE KNOW the regulations and how to apply them.