We believe that we can show the loans you entered into should be written off and any payments made returned.

WHY www.ProjectSLC.org?

www.ProjectSLC.org is the organisation set up for Student Consumers – Investigating and resolving mis-sold University Courses often linked to Student Loans.

Investigations include reviews of a Universities advise to Student Consumers when a Prospective Students.

  Student Consumer Protection Legislation is there for a reason – To protect Student Consumers from Mis-selling Universities and linked Student Loans!

We are the FCA authorised provider of the Free Review Service for Student Consumers.

  • www.ProjectSLC.org experts will provide to you information confirming the likelihood for you to advance a successful Formal Complain for you to receive a Refund, if full or part of, your University Course Fees and linked Student Loan Cancellation.
  • www.ProjectSLC.org are experienced in dealing with the technical Consumer Credit Regulations relating to Student Consumers, presenting and representing Formal Complaints to wrongdoing Universities. Student Loans cancellations follow.
  • We expect a speedy resolution within 8 weeks of presenting a Formal Complaint for and on your behalf
  • This is a statutory process, and should any University refuse to Treat Customers Fairly, the Courts have no difficulty in holding institutions to account when they undertake mis-selling. UK Universities and the Student Loans Company are no different!
OUR SERVICES – Identifying Mis-sold University Courses with linked Student Loans

If the University selling you a Course linked to a Student Loan failed to explain, with a documented process the appropriate and required financial planning to a Prospective Student, confirming how they were to be tied to lifelong financial liabilities adversely affecting them from making other purchases such as a pension, home mortgages unaffordable, it seems likely that you were mis-sold a University Course and linked Student Loan.

Being the wholly independent specialists appointed because of our considerable legal and regulatory expertise, www.ProjectSLC.org is the organisation processing Free Reviews for mis-sold Student Consumers.

We process many Student Consumers’ Complaints against a mis-selling Universities to progress through to repayment settlements.

www.ProjectSLC.org operate the well defined, regulated process just as in the well-documented cases of PPI mis-selling, to recover for Student Consumers their entitlements.


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