Mis-sold University/College course?

Need 3 years of £9,000.00 fees refunded?

Need Linked Student Loans Cancelled?

 Need all payments refunded?


WHY www.ProjectSLC.org?

www.ProjectSLC.org is the organisation set up for Student Consumers.

We investigate and resolve mis-sold University Courses often linked to Student Loans.

Investigations include reviews of a Universities sales tactics and regulated advice to Prospective Students.

Consumer Protection Legislation protects Student Consumers from Mis-selling Universities and linked Student Loans!

We are the FCA authorised provider of the Free Review Service for Student Consumers.

  • www.ProjectSLC.org experts will provide to you information confirming the likelihood for you to advance a successful Formal Complain for you to receive a Refund, if full or part of, your University Course Fees and linked Student Loan Cancellation.
  • www.ProjectSLC.org are experienced in dealing with the technical Consumer Credit Regulations relating to Student Consumers, presenting and representing Formal Complaints to wrongdoing Universities. Student Loans cancellations follow.
  • We expect a speedy resolution within 8 weeks of presenting a Formal Complaint for and on your behalf
  • This is a statutory process, and should any University refuse to Treat Customers Fairly, the Courts have no difficulty in holding institutions to account when they undertake mis-selling. UK Universities and the Student Loans Company are no different!
Identifying Mis-sold University Courses & linked Student Loans

A University that sold a Course linked to a Student Loan must treat all Prospective Students as Customers fairly. There must be an detailed and documented process enabling the Student Customer to comprehend the financial commitments they would be making.

Absent these required processes it is common for a University to have misled a Student Customers into purchasing a product that they did not fully understand.

This is why so many Universities breached consumer protection legislation for as the majority of Graduates confirm their courses were not value for money. Many also did not understand how their course tied them into unavoidable lifelong financial liabilities.

Many Graduates did not understand that in the event of becoming bankrupt, linked student loans remain 100% payable. While Universities enjoyed fixing their prices at £9,000.00 plus they have not informed Student Consumers of the detriment the linked financial agreements cause to the purchaser. 

Being the wholly independent specialists appointed because of our considerable legal and regulatory expertise, www.ProjectSLC.org is the organisation processing Free Reviews for mis-sold Student Consumers.

We process many Student Consumers’ Complaints against all and any mis-selling University,  progressing through to repayment settlements.

www.ProjectSLC.org operate the well defined, regulated process just as in the well-documented cases of PPI mis-selling, to recover for Student Consumers their entitlements.


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