We believe that we can show the loans you entered into should be written off and any payments made returned.


We are not a Claims Management Company (CMC) but Authorised and Regulated Insurance Intermediaries (IIs).

WE are BORING people, used to dealing with technical issues, we have a legal and regulatory background. WE KNOW the regulations and how to apply them. The regulations are there for a reason!!

We are fully compliant with the FCA, choose us to challenge your loan with the SLC. We will:


  • Complain to the SLC to challenge your loan and/or seek reimbursement of any payment since June 2015, we are experienced in dealing with the technical detail required by the Regulator.
  • We expect a speedy resolution within 8 weeks. This is a statutory process, and the Courts have no difficulty in holding institutions to account. The Student Loan Company should be no different!!


We hope your will choose our services, we are independent and have very specialised and considerable legal and regulatory experience and will apply our skills, expertise and confirmed ability to challenge the enforceability of loans from the Student Loans Company Ltd.

(SLC) and, where needed, to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The regulatory process is well defined and is backed up by decided legal cases, just as in the well documented cases of PPI mis-selling.