The ProjectSLC organisation was set up to investigate and assist those who continue to suffer the consequences of commonly mis-sold university courses linked to a mis-sold student Loan(s). Prospective Students, Students and Graduates were at all times, Consumers. In 2006 following wider awareness of fact many student consumers were mis-sold University Courses by wrongdoing HEIs, ProjectSLC was commissioned to organise and process free reviews for all who may have been adversely affected.

 All Universities undertaking sales and conduct to student consumers linked to linked student lending remain undertaking regulated financial activities.

Many Universities have elected to ignore statutory legal obligations and operate within regulated markets without regulatory authorisations. ProjectSLC was set up to provide access for student consumers many finding themselves burdened with ever increasing compound interest charges, carrying lifelong unpayable student loans debt. If this is you – APPLY NOW for a Free Without Obligation Review


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