What is the SLC? What is the Financial Conduct Authority?

Why is the organisation set up to assist the approximately 50% of Students who were and continue to suffer the consequences of mis-sold University Courses and the linked Student Loans. Prospective Students, Students and Graduates were at all times, Consumers. Following, recent wider awareness of fact many Student Consumers were mis-sold University Courses by wrongdoing HEIs, ProjectSLC was commissioned to organise and process Free Reviews for all who may have been adversely affected. & the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

The FCA is the UK’s Regulator ensuring HEI and all connected financial markets work in the best interests of consumers including Student Consumers.The FCA operates independently of the Government and Student Consumers can freely access Free Reviews.

The FCA monitor, regulate and if required, intervene on behalf of consumers if there is wrongdoing. The FCA DO NOT AWARD COMPENSATIONStudent Consumers MUST MAKE APPLICATIONS FOR THEIR FREE REVIEWS.

Since 2014 UK Universities operate within FCA Regulated Financial Markets. All Universities’ activities linked to Student Consumers and Student Loans are regulated by the FCA.

Many Universities have elected to ignore legal obligations and operate within FCA Regulated Markets without Authorisations – This is why was set up to provide access for Student Consumers to access the remedies required should they find themselves the victim of historic misleading advice, non-compliance, leading to them being mis-sold courses and Student Loans.




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