Whether you are in your first, final year or postgraduate study financed through the Student Loans Company, your loan is unenforceable.
Your legal entitlement to a Free Review?

Upon identifying and advancing your Formal Complaint should the wrongdoing University elect to ignore the facts for you to receive Refund, your Complaint will become a Claim and will be handled through our legal panel who will act for under the No Win – No Fee basis.

Your Refunds will include historic amounts deducted your salary or pay! Your employer will be ordered to cease and desist from taking any further payments from you.

OUR CHARGES & FEES – We Operate No-Win No-Fee Agreements limiting our charges to an agreed % of the amounts we recover to you.

Why choose to have a Free Review? is the independent reviewer of mis-sold University Courses and advance Formal Complaints securing refunds and Student Loans Cancellations for mis-sold Student Consumers. The regulatory process is well defined and is backed up by decided legal cases, just as the widely published and documented cases of PPI mis-selling.

For a FREE Review. Complete the1-minute form and without obligation, we will provide you with a FREE personal and comprehensive written review of your eligibility. Complete the form today.



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